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What is Recycling?‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’

Bucks Recycling are dedicated to recycling as much as possible, because it’s now a fact that we’re running out of fossil fuels. By recycling

Join us today in our mission to reduce, reuse and recycle. Together we can protect our environment.

What is Recycling?

A common question, and one that we answer on a regular basis for new clients. Recycling in essence is the process of taking a material such as paper, or product – like a plastic bottle, and processing them into new products, rather than filling landfills. The process of recycling is also much less damaging to the environment.

Why Recycle?

Perhaps the more appropriate question these days, is why shouldn’t we recycle? The world’s growing population means that natural resources are at their lowest ever.
By choosing Bucks Recycling, you know that your rubbish will be recycled and reused – our target is to achieve zero landfill.

Westcott Venture Park – Recycling for the Future

Bucks Recycling are working in partnership with Westcott Venture Park to improve recycling for tenants on the venture park by providing a free recycling service.

In June we installed a new recycling centre on the park with containers for Paper, Cardboard, Cans, Plastic Bottles and Metal.

This is a free service; we have also supplied tenants with in office recycling bins to help make recycling even easier.

We have found this to be a great success with all tenants on the venture park showing a keen interest in the service.