Since 1st April 2009, waste legislation for England & Wales states that producers of construction & demolition waste must:

  • Separate gypsum-based material from other wastes so it can either be recycled, reused or disposed of properly
  • Not deliberately mix gypsum waste or plasterboard with other waste

In line with this legislation, Bucks Recycling requires plasterboard to be kept separate from general waste in all skips.

We ask customers to hire a plasterboard skip and separate general waste into one tonne builder’s bags.

Alternatively, a general waste skip will accommodate a maximum of 2x one tonne bags of plasterboard. All quantities of plasterboard should be placed near the top of the waste container for easy removal at the Waste Transfer Station.

Our Plasterboard policy ensures our customers remain compliant with waste regulations and that we recycle 100% of the plasterboard received.

“Saving Tomorrow by Recycling Today”