The UK creates over 5 million tonnes of waste wood every year but, according to The Wood Recycling Association, only around 20% of that is recycled.

At Bucks Recycling. we collect approximately 10,000 tonnes of wood a year. Through a rigorous sorting and shredding process at our Waste Transfer Station, we recycle 100% of this material.

Wood recycling Buckinghamshire

Clean (“A” grade wood) is separated from laminates, plywood (B/C grade wood) and processed through a slow speed shredder to remove nails and any contaminates.

The wood then passes through a powerful, high-speed shredder to produce 50mm shred. This is suitable for a variety of uses including animal bedding, landscaping surfaces, panel board products and increasingly as biomass fuel to produce electricity.

“Saving Tomorrow by Recycling Today”