Builders skip hire Buckinghamshire

Hiring a domestic or commercial skip can be daunting with all of the options available. How do you find a reputable waste management service, with skips that are going to meet your needs?

Here’s a rundown of the key points to consider when hiring a skip in Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire:

1. Type of waste to be dispose of

There are certain types of rubbish that cannot be disposed of in a conventional skip. General waste skips can be used for most types of refuse, but there are restrictions to be aware of for hazardous materials, chemicals and batteries. If in doubt, consult with the skip hire company to ensure your waste can be safely disposed of conventionally.

2. Consider the skip size

Paying a premium for an excessively large skip is inadvisable. But attempting to pile rubbish into a small skip can be dangerous, as an overflowing skip is illegal on public roads. Therefore, ensure you have a rough idea of how much waste you intend to dispose of. Ask your skip hire company for their recommendation and see our skip size chart to help your decision making.

3. Scrutinise the recycling processes

Not all waste management companies aim to reduce landfill and have a focus on environmental issues. When choosing a skip supplier, ensure they are environmentally conscious and dispose of waste in accordance with government guidelines. The skip company should be licensed, registered and customer-approved.

4. Skip permit requirements

Unless you have sufficient space to accommodate the skip on your property, it will need to be positioned on a road, pavement or other public space. In this case, a skip permit will need to be acquired from Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire council. Obtaining permits for skips is relatively quick and easy, but this can often be handled by the skip provider on your behalf.

5. Skip accessibility

Firstly, consider the logistics. Is your location accessible, and will the delivery lorry be able to deliver and collect the the skip easily? If you’re working in a hard to reach area, ensure your supplier has the machinery and skillset to deliver at your location. They should also be able to position the door based on your instructions, providing optimal access the skip.

6. Waste disposal customer reviews

Ask your potential skip hire company to provide customer reviews and endorsements. Request job-specific references too, especially if you’re carrying out a major or specialist project. Be sure they can provide a prompt, professional service to avoid any knock-on delays.

7. Public liability insurance

All responsible skip hire companies will carry sufficient public liability insurance (PLI) to provide protection against anything untoward. Delivering, collecting and handling heavy skips with potentially hazardous waste can be dangerous. PLI protects against the unexpected, and is a mark of responsibility from the skip hire company.

8. Expect transparent pricing

Don’t agree to hire a skip based on vague or ambiguous estimates. Though comparatively rare, some skip hire companies aren’t transparent with their pricing policies. Request a full and final total price confirmation in writing. You don’t want to receive an initial quote, only to be billed for transportation as an addition or waste disposal bolted on as an extra.

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